ABOUT ME!!!!!!

Call me Peachy!

➳ They/She Pronouns

➳ Early 20s

➳ Fluent in English, proficient in German

➳ Working on a doctorate in a medical field

➳ Learning HTML/CSS since Jan. 2023

➳ Online since 2007 // Active in online spaces since 2012

➳ Enthusiast of many things on this bitch of an Earth

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A list of some of my major interests ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Consider this a list of things I would recommend to you if you asked my favorites lol

Music - Includes Spotify Links to Albums!

Classic Rock

  • Pink Floyd - Fav Track: San Tropez (Meddle, 1971)
  • The Who - Fav Track: The Punk and The Godfather (Quadrophenia, 1973)
  • The Boomtown Rats - Fav Track: Sleep (Fingers Lullaby) (The Fine Art of Surfacing, 1979)


  • Streetlight Manifesto - Fav Track: Point/Counterpoint (Everything Goes Numb, 2003)
  • Reel Big Fish - Fav Track: Drunk Again (Cheer Up!, 2002)
  • Catch 22 - Fav Track: The Spark (Permanent Revolution, 2006)
  • The Planet Smashers - Fav Track: Stupid Present (No Self Control, 2001)


  • MGMT - Fav Track: TSLAMP (Little Dark Age, 2018)
  • Passion Pit - Fav Track: Constant Conversations (Gossamer, 2012)
  • Saint Motel - 1997 (Voyeur, 2012)
  • Two Door Cinema Club - Fav Track: Something Good Can Work (Tourist History, 2010)
  • Florence + The Machine - Fav Track: Hurricaine Drunk (Lungs, 2009)
  • Miami Horror - Fav Track: I Look to You (ft. Kimbra) (Illumination, 2010)


  • Madeon - Fav Track - Only Way Out (ft. Vancouver Sleep Clinic) (Adventure, 2015)
  • Blank Banshee - Fav Track: Purity Boys (Blank Banshee 0, 2012)
  • Kraftwerk - Fav Track: Neon Lights (I PREFER THE GERMAN VERSION BUT DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO IT IN AMERICA >:() (The Man-Machine/Die Mensch-Machine, 1978)
  • Justice - Fav Track: DVNO (Justice, 2007)
  • VNV Nation - Fav Track: Chrome (Matter + Form, 2005)

    Internet Media - Includes Links to Channels!

  • TomSka - My literal favorite YouTube person, MAJOR hyperfixation since like 2013. You KNOW asdfmovie, sure, but his other content is *chefs kiss*
  • TomSka & Friends - Tom... Plus his friends! I'm a Patreon Supporter and get a lot of joy out of the content on this channel. MAJOR comfort for me. Consider this a recommendation for Eddache as well for media deep dives and generalized silliness (I would recommend Elliot, but he doesn't really make solo content anymore. Love that Northern bloke regardless tho)
  • TechnologyConnections - Have you ever been interested in random pieces of tech??? No??? Then you suck!!!! For realsies though, Tech Connections is a really great channel that explains the most random pieces of tech from toasters to PCs in a way that the average person can understand, presented in a nonthreatening way. It's really nice to fall asleep to.
  • Nexpo - Okay, a lot of true crime/internet mysteries YouTubers get flack (for good reason!!!) but I really appreciate the production value and respect Nexpo brings to every topic they cover. There's so much heart put into every video, and I eagerly await every video that comes out.
  • Other Random Interests

  • Cold War Propaganda Films - My favorite is called 'A Day Called X' and it FUCKS
  • Fiber Arts - I'm an avid knitter, crocheter, and sewist. Am I good? Perhaps better than average. It's fun :D
  • Lost Media - In general, media loss and preservation is so so so interesting. In the internet age, so much should be easily preserved (and much of it is, thanks to the Internet Archive!) but there's literally hundreds if not thousands of lost books/movies/shows/songs/etc that we just ??? don't have anymore ??? and the hunts for them can be INSANE
  • Physical Media Collection - Mostly music; I collect mostly vinyl at the moment, growing my CD collection now that I know how to burn 'em. Check out a list of my physical releases [HERE]