Commission Me!!!

Payment info and guidelines below <3





Fullbody/Character References


Complex Backgrounds

+$15/£12 to base

Additional Characters

+$10/£7 to base for each character

Guidelines and Payment

Will Do! Will NOT Do
Original/Fan Characters Furries/Avians/Scalies*
IRL People/Celebrities* Mechas
Canon Characters NFTs
Non Sexual Nudity* Sexual Nudity/NSFW
Mildly Suggestive Content* Hate/Political Art
Ship Content* Incest/Pedophilia/Proship Art

*These are left up to my discretion. You're free to ask, but I can't guarantee I can or will do them. In terms of furry/mecha art, I'm just not confident in my abilities, no shade to the furry community!

Please have an idea of what you'd like before requesting a commission; I can definitely work with rough ideas, but the more info the better. I LOVE when character references (for OCs) are provided, they make my job quite a bit easier, but I won't turn you down without one! I also like an idea on posing/background/props/etc when possible. Photo references aren't required, just a general description. I'll work with you during the sketch phase to hammer out the kinks anyhow.

As a standard practice, I will complete watermarked sketch(es) prior to payment; once the sketch is approved, I will then arrange for payment. This ensures that you receive artwork that you're happy with before paying and that I have payment before spending 3 or more hours on a piece of artwork. If you prefer to pay before a sketch is approved, I won't stop you, of course, and that's up to your discretion.

I do NOT do NFTs (as previously stated) and avoid doing commercial work; all of my artwork contains a low-opacity signature which is non-negotiable. If I feel the artwork I've done for you is especially good, I may request to post it on my own social media/here on my commission sheet - you're always welcome to say no, and I can tag you/watermark the post/etc. if you would prefer.

Payments will be made solely via PayPal for the time being. IF AND ONLY IF I know you well (mutuals/friends) I can arrange a different payment method, but that is entirely up to my discretion.

Contact me via Discord [@santropezpeach], Instagram DM [@santropezpeach], or Tumblr DM [@santropezpeach].