27.06.23 - Site and Life Updates

Gif of TomSka groovin

Oh look, updating my entire site to function as a blog. I had some pretty ambitious plans for this place but nah, gonna be real with you chief, that's a lot on my plate for being as busy as I am.

Scrapping the idea of this serving as a dumping ground for all my interests. I love infodumping as much as the next gal, but trying to code that shit is too much work at the moment.

Otherwise, what's up with me?

The usual academic bullshit, really. Started a summer lab section as my last prerequisite to start my PharmD in August. For being one of those 'instructor approval needed' classes, it doesn't seem too bad... yet. It's very physiology/histology based and that tends to be my strong suit. I'm better at patterns rather than rote memorization of bones 'n stuff like that.

Oh, yeah, speaking of. I start a PharmD in like 2 months. That's pretty cool.

On the art front, I posted some fan art for TomSka's birthday on Twitter and Tumblr. Like the autistic bitch I am lol. He liked the Tumblr post which is rad.

I also have been working on a quilt like the grandma I am. It's a wedding gift so get off my ass!!! Other sewing projects include a bourbon whisky themed shirt for my uncle and a dress for my upcoming white coat ceremony.

In general I'm just trying to chill. Lots on my plate emotionally and academically so for now, just here for the vibes.

Keep slaying and serving bitches! Happy end of pride.

Fan art for TomSka

Art or something!!!