22.02.24 - OMG where have you been loca!!!!!!!

Uh oh I forgor I had a webbed site (besides the commission page lol) So uhhhhh what have I been up to since September (five months ago!!!)

  • Finished my first semester of pharmacy school with relatively good grades (slay)
  • Confessed my feelings for someone, they were not requited (not slay)
  • Applied to roughly 30 places in town alone, finally got hired (yippie!!!)
  • Only had a LITTLE BABY meltdown when my car broke down (got fixed!)
  • Tried shrooms (mid experience)
  • Got significantly more into ska somehow (oh no)

So yeah, been on that student grind I guess. It's left me with much less time for things like art, but I've been in a major slump with it anyhow. Trying to get OUT of the slump even if it kills me. Emotionally I've been ??? fine ish ??? just stressed out with like 30 things at once. It does something to a mf. Had to cancel going to once concert (Two Door Cinema Club) because I can't get the time off work, but I will be DAMNED if I can't get to see Less Than Jake later in March. I haven't been to a show since November 2022 and it's ROUGH man. I need like, one thing for my mental health alright.

Other than that, I'm reallu just keeping myself busy. In the process of tentatively rewriting a fic I started in like, 2016, simply for my OWN enjoyment. It was uhhhhh kind of awful. So I fix it.

ANYWAY I might seek a formal ADHD and/or autism diagnosis this year because the brain worms are really brain worming.

Ok bye ilysm xoxoxoxoxoxo