15.09.23 - In Which I Journal And Do Way More Introspection Than Intended

Howdy gamers!!!

Coming at you live via Lenny the Lenovo III - getting used to his quirks as time goes on but accepting that a full PC build is in order at some point. Let's see, where are we at...?

Classes going well for the most part - 3 out of the 4 are really straightforward for the most part, so I have few worries about them. The FOURTH one, however. Well. Hm. How do I say it. Is awful. Without any semblance of exaggeration, the professor teaching it has been with the university for about 20 years and has been complained about every single one of them (to the point of being sued for student harassment, but that's a different story for a different day) and perhaps may be on the power trip of a lifetime. 3 weeks into the semester and I have already cried over her class! Wowie!!!

That being said, I'm gonna be positive about this and know that it's in my power to pass. I was able to get into this school for a reason, it should be fair to assume I'll have a fighting chance of staying.

I also started a music/album journal - taking newish-to-me albums, rating them, writing how I feel about them, all that. The "reviews" have become way more introspective than intended, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I've always struggled with putting my feelings on paper - it feels really insincere? But putting them in the context of music and the way it makes me feel is more in tune with how I express myself. I'll never show the journal to anyone, not outside some close friends, but it's good to have something for ME.

Will I keep up with it long-term?

Who da hell knows lol

Make good choices, y'all.