07.03.24 - Hiiiiiiii Besties

How we doinggggggg? I've been busy being some sort of adult type person who is an academic WEAPON (did very well on some exams last week hehe).

New job is going really well. It tends to be pretty easy stuff and I've been given a lot of hours right off the bat. I'm significantly less worried about my financial state than I was a few weeks ago. Not like, 0% worried, but maybe like, 30% worried compared to the previous 80%. Still waiting on ye old tax return to get filed but thats bureaucracy for you (I had to look up how to spell bureaucracy lol)

I also did score both the Less Than Jake tickets AND the time off work. Still bummed about Two Door Cinema Club, but it is what it is. I'm taking my buddy with me (who's never really listened to ska, so I'm popping his ska cherry - his skerry, if you will) and spending that whole day in town if the weather decides to cooperate. I'm really excited actually, again, I haven't seen a show since November 2022 so I'm long overdue. Still hoping that Reel Big Fish will tour again at some point but I'm not getting my hopes up lmao.

Currently enjoying my spring break doing fuckall. Didn't travel, so getting lots of work in and knitting done. Love being able to whip out hats in a day or so as long as my tendonitis knows it's place. Thank god for NSAIDs and wrist braces.

Hope the 1 person who MIGHT read this is having a good day! OK thanks bye ily xxx

Epic Face meme from like 2012