05.07.23 - America Is Dumb But So Am I

low resolution meme of a McDonald's hashbrown with the text 'this is a certified hashbrown moment'

Yesterday was the 4th of July and disrespectfully I do not care. Blind patriotism and intentional ignorace of systemic issues is so so so horrible and acheives nothing. Also fireworks trigger a lot of veterans (although the state of the US military is another can of worms) and SCARES my DOG. Who did NOTHING to deserve this.

I didn't do anything patriotic. Instead I kayaked for 3 hours (and did like ??? 4 or 5 miles) and I am in French Bread. Good workout but oof. That was a time. Glad I didn't get sunburnt.

In more exciting news, I finished quilting... a quilt. I just need to add the edging and label it. Will probably do at least one of those tasks tomorrow on my day off. I love being so grandmacoded. So nanacore.

I have my first advanced anatomy lab quiz tomorrow on Myocardial Infarctions (fancy word for heart attacks) and hopefully I don't do too poorly. I don't feel AWFUL about it but I am hashtag bad at biology. Too bad I'm going into a biochem heavy field.


Make good choices homies!!!

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