03.08.23 - Sell Out With Me Tonight

Hey, it's been 2 weeks, what's up fuckers?

Let's see... Mentally better. I think. Things aren't perfect by any means but I'm not like, actively depressed anymore. That's rad.

My friend got married! And loved my quilt!!! I also got to reconnect with a friend I haven't seen since high school which was a little awkward because I wasn't a great person in high school. I thoroughly apologized because I was a bit. Hm. How should I say it. Gross.

BUT I also met some new people who seemed nice! We exchanged contact info and now we are friends :3

In the last few days I've been making my way through the Reel Big Fish discography - I do love ska but hadn't really gotten into their stuff as hardcore as Streetlight or The Planet Smashers and MAN I was missing out. It's just... fun?

Oh, and now I have derived SO MUCH gender envy from the lead singer. And also kinda wanna [REDACTED] him. I love me a good man in his late 40s. Very biteable.

Nothing much more is new. I'll be retaking my driver's test in a few weeks. Fingers crossed that I don't fuck it up again.

Sayonara rudeboys and beatgirls and genderless ska freaks!!!