03.07.23 - Holy Shit It's July

gif of an alien dancing; it's the iconic 'hte spaghetti' gif from Tumblr

Well, just like the title says, it's July now! Month 7 of 12. Over halfway through the year. Wowzers.

I finally got to spend some time with my best friend for the first time since January - absolutely a great time. We achieved nothing of merit besides me crocheting their cat a leaf collar. As one does. For various life reasons we only get to hang out like, once every 6 months at best, but knowing someone since 2011 will kinda force you to take what time together you can get. I attended the first of two couples' showers for their wedding which is super exciting!! My best friend is getting MARRIED!! And I'm gonna BE THERE!!!

In other news, I went kayaking yesterday and will go again tomorrow. It's like, the one quote unquote """sport""" that I like. Plus the weather was nice after it stopped torrential downpouring. I also got more Kokuyo Campus notebooks in + some Muji pens to try like some sort of influencer. I genuinely like the notebooks, going to see how I feel about the pens given I've been primarily been using Stabilo pens or Sakura Pigma Microns. The litmus test is how they hold up to Mildliners.

Ok I'm done being pretentious!! Love u bye bye

edited emoji holding soup and saying 'brof'